Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hand Dyed Fabric

So once I saw Melody's quilt over on Fibermania ~ I knew that's the quilt I wanted to make with my hand dyed fabrics! My blocks are 16 x 16, QAYG, thank you Mariann. It still needs  borders or, maybe not.  All I know is, that it has been to hot to sew!  Today however, I did manage to dye 9 yards of fabric and my feet are killing me. And that's my excuse not to walk this evening :)  We are headed to AZ over the long weekend, only to be in 112 weather, so worth it tho, to see the grand kids.


  1. It's looking fantastic...and you dyed all the fabric yourself, wow!!!

  2. Love your version of Melody's quilt. As soon as I saw your quilt I thought, "I've gotta tell her about Mel's". But you beat me to that punch. I admire the dyers. I'm a buyer, not a dyer.
    I traveled North to WA to visit my grandkids. They were having the same lovely weather as we were here in CA. 600 miles each way! It's taking us a bit of time to get over the aches from all that sitting. Like you said... so worth it!

  3. Look at you go girl. What a gorgeous quilt. Love it, love it. I must tell Melody to take a look.

  4. Wowoowooow! I must make another one, yours is so fabu! I sold my first one and now looking at the colors of yours, I know I NEED TO HAVE ONE just like it.

  5. Thanks guys!
    I have been without my computer ~ the hard drive went out. So now I finally have it back from Apple.
    I just want to Thank you for all your kind words!